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Medicine In Action

Being a good relative involves engaging Traditional ways of being which require us to interact with others from a place of compassion and respect. When we actively practice this way of living, we will not only prevent bad things from happening but promote the well-being of all people.

By putting our Medicine in Action through the Seven Teachings that follow, we will be contributing to the health of our families and communities in very tangible ways.

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Be A Good Relative

Prevention Toolkit Resources




Human Trafficking Awareness Month    Stalking Awareness Month


Human Trafficking Hotline Resource Center>resources



National Human Trafficking Resource Center 


US Dept Health and Human Services

“Combating Trafficking Native Youth: Toolkit on Human Trafficking”

Training & Technical Assistance | The Administration for Children and Families (


Minnesota American Indian Resource Center

“Shattered Hearts: The Commercial Exploitation of American

 Indian Women and Girls in Minnesota



National Center for Victims of Crime

“Child Sex Trafficking in America: A Guide for Parents & Guardians”


MN Indigenous Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition

“Garden of Truth: Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women

In Minnesota”


Stalking Awareness Prevention Resource Center

Stalking Awareness Month | Stalking Awareness & Prevention | SPARC



Teen Dating Awareness Month     Teen Bullying

National Teen Violence Awareness Day: Feb 8


Love Is Respect



National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC)

Native Love Youth Project

NativeLove Resources | NIWRC





Women’s Herstory Month

International Women’s Day: March 8


NIWRC:  Tillie Black Bear Women are Sacred Webinars

2022 Tillie Black Bear Women Are Sacred Day Virtual Healing Camp | NIWRC


NIWRC: Biographies of four Indigenous Women Leaders


Julian Brave Noisecat

“Brave Conversations: Native Women”

Julian Brave NoiseCat – Apocalypse Then & Now - Bioneers


National Education Association 

National Women’s History Museum

Tools & Tips | NEA


Women’s History Month 2023




Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week 

RAINN Day: April 14 (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network)


RAINN: Helpline and Resources

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

NIWRC Online Resource Library

Resource Library | NIWRC

Futures Without Violence

“Child Abuse and Domestic Violence: Putting CAPTA to Work”

Futures Without Violence

NIWRC Webinars “Children Exposed to Violence”

Resource Library | NIWRC

Native American Women’s Health Ed Resource Ctr

“What To Do When You Are Raped: An ABC Handbook for Native Girls”

Tribal Law and Policy Institute

“Tribal Legal Code Resource: Sex Assault and Stalking Laws”


MN Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

“Keeping Native Children Safe”

Office of Justice Programs: Office on Violence Against Women



Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Month

MMIW Day: May 5

National Mental Health Month


Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women  

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

#MMIWG25 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Two Spirit 

Resource Library | NIWRC

NIWRC Online Resource Center: webinars, reports, etc

Resource Library | NIWRC

NamUS National Missing Unidentified Persons Systems: database  


NIWRC publications: Montana

“When a Loved One Goes Missing: reference guide for families of missing Indigenous women; what to do in the first 72 hours”>resources>pocketguide


National Center on DV, Trauma, and Mental Health




Pride Month

Elder Abuse Awareness Day: June 15th

Tate Topa Consulting: Lenny Hayes

Tate Topa Consulting


MN Indigenous Women’s Resource Center: Two Spirit/LGBT


National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative>elderjustice  

Senior Rights Victoria: Elder Abuse Response Tool Kit


United Nations Resource Page: Ageing



Bison Month




National Women’s Equality Day: August 26 (1920)

Native American Right to Vote (1924)


National Women’s History Alliance

Timeline of Women’s Rights




Campus Safety Month

Suicide Prevention Day   September 10

Boarding School Awareness/Orange Shirt Day

Every Child Matters: Sept 30


Center for Changing Our Campus Culture


Clery Center 


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Independent Lens: “Home from School: Children of Carlisle”

Independent Lens | Home From School: The Children Of Carlisle | Season 23 | Episode 5 | PBS




National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Day of Action: October 19

National Bullying Prevention Month

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: October 9


NIWRC Archives: webinars, PSA’s, materials

Welcome | NIWRC

National Network to End Domestic Violence

DV Awareness Month Archives - NNEDV

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“Domestic Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Women” #We Are Resilient Toolkit

Not in Our Town: Bullying Prevention

National Bullying Prevention Center




Native American Heritage Month

International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

November 25

Administration for Native Americans  ACF

Resource Library: Guides, videos, fact sheets, reports, webinars

Administration for Native Americans (ANA) | The Administration for Children and Families (

National Congress of American Indians

Native American Heritage Month | NCAI


National Public Radio

Indigenous Peoples' Day, as explained by Native Americans : NPR  



Human Rights Day   December 10

Human Rights Day | United Nations

Universal Hour of Peace

11:30pm December 31 – 12:30am January 1









Updated October, 2022

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