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Covid 19

You are Not Alone.

What a crisis we are all living right now. Many of us are facing new challenges daily. Some are now working from home when we normally work in our offices. Others have been at home and now have children at home with them instead of in school. Many have been laid off from their work, or alternatively some have even become "Essential workers" and must continue working. The one constant that almost everybody in the country/world has in common is that we have an information overload on the COVID-19 virus. We have information reaching us by TV News, Newspapers, Word of mouth, and Social Media. 

The links that you find here will answer some questions that seem to have ever changing answers depending on where you are getting your information from. Rest assured that while the information may be evolving the resources provided here have been carefully chosen to provide the most current information available.

A few questions that can be answered with the following links are: 

  • What is Coronavirus? 

  • How does it spread?

  • What does it mean to flatten the curve?

  • What is Social Distancing? 

  • How do I do my part? 

Please click the links below to get information and resources to answer your questions.


If you know of someone needing support, call us.

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