Service Providers

Pretty Bird Woman House - Mc Laughlin, SD

(605) 823-7233


Services Provided-

Advocacy, refferals, group support, prevention education


Shell of Hope Domestic Violence Program - Trenton, ND

(701) 572-1806


Services Provided-

Advocacy, transportation , education and referrals


Spirit Lake Victims Assistance - Fort Totten, ND

(701) 766-1816 or toll free : 866-723-3032


Services Provided-

Advocacy, transportation, legal assistance, education and referrals


Standing Rock Abused Adult Resource Center-  Fort Yates, ND

(701)854-7643 or toll free 866-341-7009


Services Provided-

Advocacy, transportation , education, referrals and shelter


Sacred Plume- Ft. Yates, ND

(701) 854-4515


Services Provided-

Advocacy, transportation to other shelters, information and referrals



TAT Victim Services - New Town , ND 

(701) 627-4171 after Hours (701) 627-3617


Services Provided-

Advocacy, transportation , legal assistance, education and referrals and shelter


United Tribes Campus Violence Program - Bismarck, ND

(701) 255-3285 ext. 1372 or 1866-341-7009


Services Provided-

Advocacy, educational awareness, crisis intervention.



StrongHearts Helpline- 1-844-7Native (762-8483)


Services provided- Crisis line advocacy




Please call us at: 701-662-3380 701-662-3380 or fill out our contact form.



PO Box 107

Devils Lake, ND 58301

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